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The time is nigh! Quick, think of a resolution you think most people will believe is well within your ability to accomplish so that you can get them off your back! Phew that was close. The New Year is upon us at Pawderosa Ranch and since it’s the time for making commitments and sticking to them, we thought it would be fresh to encourage all you dog lovers to make resolutions not just for yourself, but for your pup as well!

Most studies show that without accountability, most well-wishers don’t last till February when it comes to sticking to their goals. Why not make the cutest, most loving member of the household your accountabili-buddy?

1. Measure your dog’s food…and yours

Our dogs depend on us to make healthy choices for them and every time we fill their bowls to the brim out of laziness or guilt we do them a disservice. Start measuring out your dog’s servings with help from your vet, and while you’re at it – learn some portion control yourself.

2. Try a new activity every month

They say dogs are people too. That must mean they get bored as well! The problem is they can’t express it. Rather than opting for the old tennis ball again, try finding a new activity you both can do together at least once a month. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn about your dog as you introduce them to new situations and experiences.

3. Get out…just GET OUT

You probably can’t remember the last thing you “liked” on Facebook. Neither can your dog. Turn off your nearest time-wasting device and get outside to explore!

4. See the Doctor, see the Vet

Ready for your yearly checkup? Many of our medical issues could be solved if we got screened regularly. The same holds true with our dogs. Show them that you love them by making sure they’re healthy. Say hi to the Vet!

5. Socialize

Dogs are healthiest when they have strong social connections with humans and dogs alike. It may take some getting used to if your little buddy isn’t used to new people and places, but rest assured, if you go about it responsibly and slowly, they will look forward to growing in these new relationships.

6. Get down to grooming

We can hide a bad hair day under a hat, but our four-footed buddies have hair all over! Concentrating on grooming can have profound effects on your dog’s overall well-being. An added benefit is that grooming takes time in close proximity. The bond of trust you share with your dog will only grow over time.

7. Learn a new trick

You might think your dog is too old to learn new tricks, but you’d be wrong! When it comes to training, usually it is the owner’s lack of patience that is the reason for “failure.” Grab a good dog training book, watch a web series, or hire a coach and watch what can be done with a little time and a lot of patience.

8. Update your contact information

Still taking care of that paper trail left over from your last move? Make sure your dog’s information is up to date as well. If you’ve changed residences, phone numbers, etc., it’s important your pet’s info matches yours. If they run off, you’ll have a better chance of being reunited.

9. Share the love

There is something about a dog that makes people’s hearts melt. Consider how you can be more intentional about spreading this wonderful gift your dog has. Many nursing homes and Veteran’s hospitals allow visitors to bring in pets as part of their health and wellness initiatives. Go make someone smile!

10. Make time for eachother

None of these resolutions matter if you don’t make time for them. Your dog always has time for you. Don’t try to tackle them all at once, but do be intentional about accomplishing a few of them.

You can do it! If you’re looking for a place where your dog can play and socialize while you work, visit us at Pawderosa Ranch and discover what so many other happy ranchers have.


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