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Sure, realistically dogs drool, but you get our point.

dogs rule pawderosa


  1. Dogs are loyal.
    • Cats like you sometimes, sure, but most times they’re just like “eh, whatever.” Dogs, on the other hand, will stick by your side. They have evolved as pack animals that form close social relationships with other animals in their pack. They are cooperative creatures that become a part of our family “packs” rather than just pets.
  2. Dogs help you stay active.
    • When was the last time you caught a cat out on a leash? Exactly. Dogs encourage their owners to get out and get physical. Whether it’s a short walk around the block, a morning jog or a playful game of fetch at your local dog park, Fido is keeping you fit.
  3. Dogs are “Man’s Best Friend.”
    • Need we say more?
  4. Dogs comfort and console.
    • Therapy Dogs are used in hospitals and rehab facilities to encourage happiness and optimism. They roam hallways licking faces, snuggling and comforting patients – reassuring them during difficult times. A recent study by the coauthor of Current Biology even found that dogs can distinguish between human emotions. Canines can tell if you are happy or sad and respond accordingly.
  1. Dogs get stuff done.Dogs can be trained to do all sorts of stuff, from grabbing the morning paper to assisting individuals with medical disabilities; they are the helpful heroes of the domesticated animal kingdom.


cats drool


  1. Cats have stinky litter boxes.
    • Dogs keep their business outside while cats are crowding your laundry room with their bathroom boxes. The odor penetrates even the thickest of walls and will have your guests saying, “Whoa. What’s that smell?”
  2. Petting a cat is really hard.
    • Cats like playing hard to get, whereas dogs want all the attention. If you show too much interest in a cat, he or she will turn its back on you and purr in the other direction. Do you need those kinds of games in your life? We think not.
  3. Cats knock stuff over.

  1. Cats are moody.
    • Oh sure, they’re cool when they’re happy, but when they’re mad, they are not having it. Dogs eagerly await your return home and are always happy to see you. Cats are indifferent to your presence and like to keep their emotions on the sulky side.
  2. Cat scratches are the worst.
    • Sure hyperactive terriers are annoying, but cat claws are THE MOST painful pet problem in the whole universe. Cat scratches are so bad that doctors named a fever after it.


Don’t get us wrong. The Pawderosa Ranch staff loves animals of all shapes and sizes; we are just partial to the canine variety. We love dogs so much, we spend all of our time loving and caring for their furry faces. Send us your beloved pooches and we will take the best care of them while you are away.



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