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August is a really hot time here in Texas. With above 90 degree temperatures, it’s not the best idea to walk Fido around the block. If you’re sweatin’, most likely your dog is feeling the heat too. This is why you should never walk your pup when temps are above 89.6°F as they can burn their paws or have a heat stroke in high temperatures. We always want to make sure Fido is feeling comfortable in all his activities. If the middle of the day is the only time you have to take your dog for some exercise, we have some fun and active alternatives to walking your pup when the heat is too much.




Swimming is a great exercise for you and your pup. Take them to dog friendly pools, lakes or even ponds. It’s not only a great cool-off activity, but Fido will get a lot of exercise out of it. One minute of swimming is equivalent to four minutes of running. Now that’s a lot of calories burned! Swimming also strengthens their lungs, heart and metabolism. 


Playing Indoors


There are quite a few fun, indoor activities that you can do with your faithful companion. From playing simple tug-of-war, to putting on a whole DIY indoor course, to a fun game of hide and seek, there’s plenty of indoor activity options for Fido. You’ll also be in the AC, so that’s a plus. 


Early Morning/Late Evening Walks


If you really want to walk with your furry companion, try walking in the early morning or late evenings. Temperatures are usually below the 89.6°F mark, so the pavement is safer for Fido. You can also opt for a morning or evening walk on the grass on one of the many trails around our city. 


Take Fido to The Ranch


Of course, if the middle of the day is all you have, bring your pup to The Ranch. Our outdoor facility is made up of grass and gravel. We also have dog-sized pools and indoor fun when it’s just a little too hot outside. Book Fido’s visit now!


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