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Rainy days are inevitable; and this year in Texas, we have had plenty of rainy days. When it’s pouring, you may find your pup by the window, dreaming about running around outside. Instead, he’s laying around the house, bored, with nothing to do. Luckily, there are easy, indoor DIY activities you can do at home! 


You can easily make hurdles out of the step stools and step platforms you bought to exercise at home last year (we see you). Start with having your dog step on each platform. Then move on to them jumping over the platform. 

Zigzag Trail 

Create a zigzag trail out of boxes, chairs, and shoes for your pup to zoom through over and over again. You can make your zigzag line as short or as long as you would like. 

Low Tunnels 

Coffee tables and low chairs are great for creating a “tunnel” for your pup. Have them army crawl underneath the table or chairs and it’s like having a real tunnel at home!

High Tunnels 

Stack your tall chairs together and hang a blanket over it and voilà! You have a dark and not-so-scary tunnel for your pup to go through. 

*BONUS* Stairs

Stairs are an easy course for your pup to run up and down, and it gets them to use up a ton of energy. 

Grab yourself a dog snack and you’ll have your pup running in no time! Set the DIY obstacles up one at a time, or put them together to create a course. Either way, you’ll have a happy and healthy friend in any weather! 

For the days you don’t feel like setting up a course, send your pup to The Ranch! We have our own obstacle courses and make sure your dog is getting all the exercise they can get.


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