Another Thanksgiving is upon us! From all of us at Pawderosa Ranch we hope you and your family have a wonderful time around the table eating great food and creating fond memories. With all the bounty on display this time of year, it can be easy for our generosity and show of thanks to sprinkle down to our most loyal companions – our dogs – in the form of food. Our hearts may be in the right place, and of course our beloved pup will never say no to a handout, but keep in mind that those seemingly harmless scraps can harbor detriment to your dog. Luckily, not all Thanksgiving food is off limits; here are some foods you should absolutely avoid feeding your dog and few alternatives they are more than free to gobble up!

Avoid these Foods

Anything with Sage
As a general rule, anything with essential oils should not be administered to animals as they are very sensitive. Sage, although a wonderful herb to season with, contains essential oils that can cause upset stomachs in dogs. Keep this herb out of reach and all food cooked with it away from your pup!

Dough and Batter
Bread is one of the staples at thanksgiving and although it’s not highly encouraged you let your dog eat the stuff, it won’t be the end of the world – as long as it’s baked. Not many owners know that unbaked bread dough can actually rise inside of their dog’s stomach, leading to bloating and intense pain! Furthermore, dough and batter usually contain raw eggs, which can contain Salmonella. Watch out for spills when baking and make sure you put your pooch up if you feel they may try to sneak a lick or two!

Garlic and Onions
These must-have, go-to seasonings for pretty much every thanksgiving dish contain high amounts of sulfides that can lead to anemia in dogs. Onions are the worst of the two, and contrary to popular belief, cooking does not reduce toxicity.

Macadamia Nuts
Ever heard of “macadamia nut toxicosis?” It doesn’t happen in humans, in fact dogs are the only species that have shown signs of poisoning by Macadamia nuts. In general, dogs can be very sensitive to a variety of nuts and it’s good to avoid them as much as possible. If your dog shows signs of weakness, vomiting, fever, or lethargy they may have ingested Macadamia or other types of nuts.

Let them gobble on…

Unseasoned, skinless, boneless white turkey meat is perfectly ok to give your pup in reasonable doses. Spread it out so they don’t gorge and get sick!

Yay for yams! Absolutely no brown sugar or marshmallows of course but the raw stuff to them will be just as delicious.

Unseasoned mashed potatoes or wedges in moderation are a welcome treat for your pup. Remember, no butter, salt, or seasonings.

Remove corn from the cob, raw and unseasoned. Since corn is naturally sweet your dog will think it’s dessert!

Dogs need vitamin C too! Your dog’s taste may be preferential, but you’re more than welcome to see if they’d like some cranberries. No cranberry sauce, just the fruit itself!

Remember to book your dog’s boarding at Pawderosa this Holiday Season

Remember, book your dog boarding in San Antonio in advance this holiday season before all our cabins are taken up! We offer shuttle service to San Antonio Airport from our ranch facilities for your convenience as well as a variety of grooming services. Your pup will be treated like a king and will be begging you to come back next year. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


INFOGRAPHIC: Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

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