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Several commonly found house and garden plants are dangerous to dogs when ingested.

Spring is coming quickly! As you set out to buy fresh flowers for your home be careful, some of the most beautiful plants hold ugly secrets. These 5 plants are just a sample of the numerous amount of plants that could cause damage. Before you purchase your spring flowers make sure you know the possible risks involved for your dog.

1. Aloe Vera

While humans benefit from the healing properties of the popular aloe vera plant, dogs are not so lucky. When ingested, the aloe vera plant can cause serious irritation to their digestive system.

2. Azaleas

Just a few nibbles of an Azalea could be poisonous! These pretty blooms hold harmful chemicals that can induce vomiting, diarrhea and excessive drooling.

Australian Sheppard eating potted flowers
3. Corn Plant

This common household plant hides a dark secret. Its leaves contain properties that can cause the more common vomiting and diarrhea, but also appetite loss and depression in dogs.

4. Elephant Ears

The colorful leaves of the elephant ears hold some not so beautiful side effects. When ingested by pups the toxins cause swelling and burning of the mouth and tongue followed by unfortunate amounts of drooling and vomiting.

Golden retriever sitting in tulips

5. Tulips

It’s hard to imagine that such a beautiful plant could be so dangerous. The bulb of the tulip holds the concentration of toxic chemicals. If your dog ingests them he or she could face serious tissue irritation resulting in excessive drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. Large amounts of bulbs could result in a series increase in heart rate and difficulty breathing.

Like other common household items that can cause harm to dogs, plants can be kept safely in your home when placed and managed responsibly. Keep plants out of reach of your dog’s curiosity and you will be able to enjoy a healthy pup and a beautiful spring!

Pawderosa Ranch is proud to be a leading boarding and dog daycare kennel in San Antonio. Our daycare services offer your pup a fun outdoor experience safe from dangers like toxic flowers and plants. Discover the Pawderosa Ranch difference, your pup will be ‘fur’ever glad you did!

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