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This month we get to celebrate the fastest breed of dog, Greyhounds! Despite their speed, the Greyhound is a gentle and a sweet companion. They are apart of the hound group, which were bred to chase and capture hunted hare. We have been graced by a few Greyhound friends spending their time at the Ranch and we believe everyone should consider adopting a Greyhound. We are going to share resources for you to adopt one through.


Austin Greyhound Adoption:

Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (Central Chapter):

Greyhound Pets of America (Houston):

Everything Grey, Greyhound Haven:

Unfortunately, I know you can’t adopt every pup we see (trust me, I’ve tried). If you are unable to adopt a Greyhound at this time, you can always consider fostering or donating through one of the organizations above.

Until next week…Well Wishes and Puppy Kisses!

At Pawderosa Ranch we welcome all dogs to come play and stay with us! Each rancher is cared for by a specialized staff who understand the benefits of dog daycare and lodging and who are passionate about making Pawderosa Ranch the best dog boarding in San Antonio. We can’t wait to see your pup!

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