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A New Year Resolution - Let's All Be More Like Bentley

We learn our most valuable lessons through the pups at The Ranch. As we em-BARK on a new year, everyone gets asked, “what’s your New Year resolution?” My resolution for 2021 is simple. My resolution is to be more like Bentley.


It was a rainy and chilly Spring day in 2020. As so many of you know, our three locations are all unique in their own way. Other than being our “firstborn,” our Airport location is special because it provides the most spacious outdoor play yards out of our three locations. Daycare at The Ranch is rain or shine and we always make the most of every day, but this particular day was, let’s just a say, a mud bath. The rain wouldn’t let up and it seemed like every time the sun considered showing its face, we would fill the yards with our playgroups, and then it would pour down rain so we would walk the pups back into the bunkhouse, dry them off and wait out the rain before resuming play.

On this particular day, Bentley the lab, and I were playing soccer in the Wild West yard. Although it was spitting rain, we were having a great time as always. As the rain began to pick up, I found myself naturally residing under the huge mature tree in the play yard. I called Bentley over and he came with his ball and dropped it. I went to leash him and he grabbed the ball and ran back out into the yard. I remember looking at the pups in the other play yards being readily leashed by other Specialists and willingly heading back into the bunkhouse to wait out the rain. So, I tried again to leash him, but again, Bentley playfully brought me the ball, offered it to me, and ran away asking to continue our game of soccer. 


 I stood in the yard, still residing under the tree watching this silly boy having the time of his life. He didn’t care that it was raining. He didn’t care that it was “Texas cold”. He didn’t care that it was muddy or that other pups were heading back in the bunkhouse. He was committed to having fun and as he coaxed me out from under the tree I decided, why not? I dribbled the soccer ball out into the yard and as the rain poured down on us, Bentley didn’t miss a beat. We played soccer in the pouring rain and had a blast. 

What if we were all a little more like Bentley? What if we all spent a little less time standing under the tree and more time playing in the rain?  We could all be a little more like Bentley by making the most of every day and encouraging others to do so too. So, in 2021, let’s all be a little more like Bentley. My resolution can be yours too!

In Honor of Our Rancher Bentley: 2014-2020

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