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Before we learn about Shelby, let’s meet her dogs! She has 2 German shepherds, Stark and Rose. They are a dad and daughter duo and boy are they a handful! They were raised at Pawderosa since they were old enough to come and they LOVE it. They know when Shelby’s alarm goes off that it’s time to go to the Ranch. It’s a inside joke that they have to go to work with their mom to earn their keep. Outside of Pawderosa, Shelby’s dogs are farm dogs. She lives on a small piece of property outside of San Antonio and they spend their off days chasing whatever critters they can find. Often times disappearing for hours on end to go swim down in their pond. They are always up to something, living their best lives.

The words Shelby uses to describe Pawderosa is devoted, rewarding and motivating. She believes Pawderosa is devoted to doing what’s best for all of our ranchers. Devoted to giving any pup that walks through our doors a fair chance to be successful. Devoted to providing the highest level of care day in and day out. Devoted to being different from other facilities in the industry. Devoted to being the best! She finds it rewarding to watch many pups that have ‘failed’ at other facilities come to us and be successful in the yard. Being a part of these dogs’ success stories is the most rewarding part of the job. Our Frontier Program is such an inspiring program.

Pawderosa gives Shelby the motivation to do and be better. To learn and grow with her peers and the company. She started at Pawderosa Ranch as a Care Specialist in 2019. She didn’t know it then, but she had so much growth ahead of her. Our clients, the pups, her peers, and mentors all give her the motivation to be the best version of herself and to strive for excellence. Because of this, in just 5 short years she was able to grow and work her way up to becoming the Operations Manager. 

A fond memory that Shelby treasures is from a couple of years ago when we had a Poodle mix, Oliver. He was referred by his trainer to try out our Frontier Club program to help build relationships with people as he could be aggressive when meeting new people. Shelby remembers the day he came in. He was wearing a muzzle and was lunging and barking as soon as he walked in the door. His dad was so nervous to leave him but Shelby assured him that we would take our time with him, follow all the instructions given by his trainer, and that we would call immediately if we needed anything. We kept his first few days of daycare short and sweet, Just a couple hours at a time to get familiar with the team and facility. A few days in we built up enough trust with him to be able to take off his muzzle. Slowly but surely he built up enough courage in the yard to approach us and eventually let us pet and love on him. After a few short weeks, we were able to break through his tough outer shell and found such a sweet and gentle boy underneath. He started to love coming to the ranch with all his rancher friends. He loved crawling up in our laps and being cuddled by our rancher team. Eventually we were able to evaluate him into group play with other doggo friends and he did even better then! It was so rewarding to watch an ‘aggressive’ dog transform into such a sweet and playful boy. He is one of Shelby’s favorite Pawderosa success stories!

Shelby found it almost impossible to answer who her favorite rancher was but, if she had to choose just one she would have to say Penny. She is a cavapoo that stole her heart the second she ran in the door as a tiny puppy. She has such a fun and spunky personality! She loves to meet new friends and zoom all around the ranch with everyone. She is such a funny gal to watch play. She is obsessed with the pool and always climbs in the water bowl to splash around. It’s the perfect size for her own personal little pool and she loves it! Shelby’s favorite thing about her is how she loves to crawl up on your shoulders to be carried. Shelby has countless pictures of her just hanging on her shoulders either in the yard or carrying her around the facility. Shelby’s favorite of those photos now stands tall above SA on our billboard by the Airport. She’s so proud to be billboard famous with her little pal!

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