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We are thrilled to introduce you to Adam – the friendly face who welcomes you to our lobby at Pawderosa Ranch. Adam has been a valuable asset to our team, bringing a positive attitude and strong work ethic for over a year now. We can’t wait for you to get to know him better.

Let’s start by introducing you to Adam’s furry friend, Hudson!

Hudson is an eight-month-old Siberian Husky/Australian Shepherd mix, affectionately known as an Ausky. He is a fun-loving pup who enjoys making new friends and playing with his toys. His favorite toys are squeaky and crinkle toys, as he loves sensory experiences. Hudson is known for his speedy runs and enjoys spending time with his best pals, Ranger and Kallie, at daycare.

When asked to describe Pawderosa Ranch in three words, Adam responded with “Meaningful, loving, and necessary.” These words perfectly capture our mission and values as an organization.

Meaningful – We believe that Pawderosa Ranch is a meaningful business that provides valuable services to our clients and their pets.

Loving – We are a unique business because we genuinely love our clients and their furry companions. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that each pup receives the care and attention they need.

Necessary – Our furry friends need a safe and fun environment to run and play, and Pawderosa Ranch provides just that. We understand that many pet owners don’t have the time or resources to provide this themselves, and we are here to fill that gap.

Working with dogs is a dream job, and we create memories that last a lifetime. When asked about his favorite memory at Pawderosa Ranch, Adam had a hard time choosing just one! However, he fondly recalled his first day on the job when he was training to become a Client Specialist. He was so nervous that he forgot how to spell “squirrels,” the nickname for two Cairn Terriers, Daisy and Maggie, who visit the ranch regularly. Adam and his colleague Lizzy still laugh about that moment today.

We also asked Adam about his favorite Rancher, and he had a clear answer. Ranger, our biggest and silliest Dane, stole Adam’s heart from day one. When Adam first started working at the ranch, Ranger was nervous around men. Adam made it his mission to earn Ranger’s trust, and soon they became best friends. Ranger’s parents reported that his discomfort around men was fading, and their experiences in public and around family were improving. It warmed Adam’s heart to hear that Ranger’s time at the ranch was helping him in other areas of his life.

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