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It’s that special time of year again! No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, you and your pup are bound to be changing the routine. These changes can be exciting and sometimes stressful for your dog, but never fear! Pawderosa had all the tips you need to make sure your best friend loves the holiday just as much as you do.

Christmas Dog Toys

1. Check on Those Holiday Decorations

Even if your dog has never been destructive, sometimes new decorations are just too fun (or too weird and scary) to resist. If you’re introducing new decorations, or this is your dog’s first Christmas with you, test out decorations before you permanently install them.

Leave unplugged Christmas lights on the ground and make sure your dog isn’t tempted to mess with them. Before you light candles, put them out for 24 hours and be sure that your dog can’t reach them. Testing out your decorations beforehand will prevent trauma and destruction later on.

Christmas for Dogs
2. Give Your Dog Fun, Sensible Presents

Buying a gift for your dog is a great way to include them in the holiday fun. It can help to soothe nervous dogs who don’t like all the holiday action, and it can distract overly-excitable dogs who love to get in the middle of holiday events.

Make sure, though, that you aren’t carried away by a cute Christmas gift that your dog could potentially choke on. Adorable plush Santas look cute, but if they’re not made specifically for your dog they could be swallowed and potentially harm your pup.

Sleepy Christmas Dog
3. If It’s All Too Much – Let Them Get Away

Lots of holiday activities can be overwhelming for your pup, and overwhelming for you if you have to worry about them. Even though your dog is part of the family and you want them there for holiday celebrations, respect that dogs need their space too. At the very least, have a quiet room where your dog can escape during unruly holiday activities.

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