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Woof woof! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Think you’re done because you got your significant other their gift already? Well don’t forget about the other love in your life – your dog! Here a few gift ideas for your dog that say “I love you pal, thanks for being there.”

1. A New Toy

Nothing says “playtime” like a brand new toy! If you haven’t bought you dog a new toy in some time or they’re starting to use you flip-flops more often, a new toy is great way to say “I love you, now let’s go have fun!” Only you know what your dog will like the best. Is it as simple as ball or a squishy elaborate squeaky? Don’t be surprised if it’s they’re go-to plaything from then on out.

2. Some Snacks

When you little pooch sees you snacking on those sweet-tarts and chocolates, they’re sure to get a bit jealous. Valentine’s Day is about making people and pooches feel included; make sure they don’t feel left out! You can opt for their favorite treats, or you could spice things up by going with a variety of new options to see which one they’d like the best. Another great idea would be to make your own homemade treats. You learn something new and they’ll get a new, favorite snack, it’s a win-win!

3. New Clothing Item or Blanket

Brrrrrr. It’s still a bit chilly out so may want to consider buying them that long overdue puffer jacket. Or if where you live is quite sublime already, grab them a fashionable graphic tee just in time for coming Spring. Of course, if your dog is absolutely horrified at the thought of anything draped over their body, a great idea is to get them a new, fluffy blanket for their bed. Watch them curl up and doze the day away in doggy dreams.

4. A Day at the Park

Time to test out that new jacket and toy! When you get up and get out your pup never says no. Take them out for a romp at their favorite park or introduce their senses to the sights and sounds of a completely new area. As always, remember to keep them leashed for their safety and for that of other.

5. A Day at Daycare

Sometimes giving them a gift they’ve already gotten before is a slam-dunk way to make their Valentine’s Day. You know they loooove Pawderosa’s play and stay because of the way they jiggle their whole bodies in furry anticipation. You see that look of tired satisfaction in their faces when it’s time to go home. Haven’t had the Pawderosa experience before? Come on out and see what it’s all about. We promise they’ll be barking for more!

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