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Exercise is important. People that exercise regularly live longer, healthier lives and are happier in general. The same is true for dogs. They say people are more motivated to work out when they have a buddy, so why not work out with man’s best friend?

Three exercises you and your dog can enjoy together.

Jogging is a great low-impact way to work your whole body. It costs nothing, you can do it anywhere, and your dog already knows how to do it too. You might consider driving around your neighborhood or checking out local parks first to determine the best routes.

Jogging is great because you can go as little or long as you want. Keep your dog’s capabilities in mind, and be careful when running in hot weather. If you’re jogging at night, get reflective clothing for you and a reflective collar or leash for your dog. A retractable leash is also a smart investment. If you’re worried about pacing with your dog, you can avoid straining your arms by training with a leash that attaches to your waist.

Dogs respond well to consistency. Before long, your dog will start to anticipate your daily run. Don’t be surprised if he starts bringing you your sneakers. Let his enthusiasm motivate you to stick to your new jogging routine. And on days when you can’t run together, you know that your dog will still get exercise at his San Antonio dog daycare.

Swimming dog for exercise

All dogs are nature lovers. If you love nature too, then hiking is a wonderful way to stay active together. Most states have public parks with hiking trails that are dog-friendly. Check out our list of San Antonio dog-friendly hikes.

Trails are usually ranked by level of difficulty so that you can work your way up to more intense exercise. In the fall, leaves can provide added resistance. Likewise, if you live near a beach wet sand increases the intensity of your hike. The same safety equipment you use for jogging is advisable for hiking, especially during the hunting season.

For a change of scenery, take your dog swimming. It’s a resistance exercise that anyone can enjoy, even older pets or people. You’ll want to keep your dog close until you are more confident swimming together, so invest in a waterproof leash.

Virtually all public beaches are dog-friendly unless otherwise posted. Dogs are naturally great swimmers, though you’ll still want to stay close to shore. Parks with creeks or lakes also usually allow dogs as long as they are on a leash. If you’re unsure, just call in advance.

Bring a fetch toy. When you get tired, you can throw it from the shore so your dog has the motivation to keep swimming. More and more pools are also hosting dog swimming events, which give you a chance to socialize with other active dog/owner duos.

Whatever exercise you choose, you and your dog are sure to be happier for it. Don’t feel bad if you can’t exercise every day. When your days get longer and your evenings become busy, invest in your dog with doggie day care in San Antonio. Our ranch experts will keep them active, happy and ready for your next workout.

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