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Since the late 1900’s, breed discrimination has negatively affected millions of dogs all over the world. The most commonly affected breeds to this day include: Pit Bulls, Dobermans and German Sheperds. Many of these breed owners and their dog’s have experienced some form of breed discrimination, wether it be at public dog parks, dog friendly restaurants or even boarding kennels. Lets look at the severity and the real issue of breed discrimination objectively with a few examples..

The Big Issue

In 2004, the city of Denver CO, put a ban on pit bull breeds, (or any dog that resembled a pit bull) in city limits and public places. In that year alone, over 300 animals, regardless of known violent propensities we’re either removed by the city or euthanized. Pit bulls that were kept in the city were often hidden in homes, so complications such as anxiety and lack of socialization in pit bull continued to get worse.

Banning Breeds Creates Bigger Problems

History has proven that by banning certain breeds, deeming them “excessively ferocious or violent” only sparks the interest of the wrong owner. Public statements that pit bulls or other specific breeds are “reckless” has only made the problem of dog fighting more severe. Rather than helping the community, public officials could actually be making the situation worse because dog fighting puts the community at even more risk for attacks. There is no evidence that the laws banning breeds actually making the community safer.

Pit Bull Features Lead to Further Discrimination 

Many dogs that look like pit bulls are in danger of being discriminated against as well. The pit bull breed is difficult to identify because many are mixed breeds, so in areas where pit bull breeds are banned,  people tend to judge all dogs with large heads, muscular bodies, short fur, regardless of their genetic make-up.

Perceptions Based on Myths

During breed bans many unproven myths can be misconstrued as facts. For example, there is a myth that pit bulls have locking jaws which are more dangerous than other dogs because they  can “snap” without warning. The anatomy of a pit bull’s jaw is actually no different than any other dog’s jaw of equal size.

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The idea that certain breeds are more dangerous than others stems from the belief that some dog breeds are simply “born violent,” which is simply not true. Every dog has the potential to be a loving companion and deserves a fair shot.

With an objectively administered temperament test and years of experienced we’ve been able to help many different doggy personalities.

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