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How do you know that your dog is happy? Even the best pet owners have their doubts about whether or not their lovable companion is truly content. According to Cullen’s Archangel Rescue, Inc., “All social species have the same basic needs, just different ways those needs are fulfilled.” One of those shared basic needs is social interaction. Keep reading to learn how to better understand and read your dog.

The Science of Social Animals

Aside from clean water, a nutritionally balanced diet, and exercise, your dog may be in need of a play date. The domestication of dogs has had an astounding impact on species social needs and furthermore the bond between canine and human. Dogs have actually been found to be extremely receptive to human behavior.

“It appears that dogs have evolved specialized skills for reading human social and communicative behavior. These skills seem more flexible – and possibly more human-like – than those of other animals more closely related to humans phylogentically, such as chimpanzees, bonobos and other great apes.”

This evolutionary comparison between dogs and other human-like species reveals the magnitude of social perception in dogs. But, their unique understanding of human social and communicative behavior is not without consequence. Dogs are inherently social creatures. Regular interaction with humans and other dogs is crucial to their overall happiness and well being.

The Difference Between Inside Dogs and Outside Dogs

If your dog is an outside dog:

Take him/her on regular walks. They get to explore new locations out and about, and the best part for them is that they get to be with you!

outside dogDogs will let you know when their bored or unhappy. Usually you’ll know if you have holes dug all over the yard or they have a wound that keeps getting worse from irritation. Dogs that are bored will bite, lick and scratch at their wounds tirelessly. These are all sure signs
that your pup needs some social interaction.

If your dog is an inside dog:

You’ll know their lonely when you come home to shredded pillows, blinds and trash that’s no longer in the trash can. Long hours inside without any interaction will often cause your inside dog to behave this way.

Your inside dog will appreciate long walks and outings to the dog park. They love spending time with their pack (you), and meeting new friends just as much as you do! Get your dog trained and more acquainted with being in public and both you and your pal will benefit from more social outings together.


Does your pal need a playdate? Schedule one today with Pawderosa Ranch!


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