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There is a different type of dog for every parent! Maybe this is why there are so many different breeds nowadays. Perhaps you’re considering adding a best-friend to your family but aren’t sure which breed would be best. There are  types of dogs that do better in different settings. Maybe you’re spending way more time at home and working from your living room.  If you’re currently living in an apartment or town-home and don’t have a lot of space, don’t you fret… there’s a dog for you! So, what makes a great indoor dog? Here are a few breeds that won’t mind napping at your feet in air-conditioned bliss — even though days packed with Zoom calls or days when it’s too hot for an afternoon stroll are the best days for daycare play-dates and socializing at Pawderosa Ranch!

Boston Terrier


Want an oh-so-perfect little pet? The Boston Terrier is for you. They’ll form a loyal bond that will last a lifetime and will be fairly silent companions even if you have a small space. This is great news for your neighbors!


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Chihuahuas are in a class of their own. From accessories carried in purses to the smallest home defense systems available, Chihuahuas seem to have the most varied personalities of indoor dog breeds. High energy means they’ll constantly be yipping and yapping and looking to let off steam, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more loyal companion in such a small package.


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Have kids? They’ll love your Dachshund and he’ll love em back! One of the most adaptable breeds, they do well in many different living environments. Keep in mind that they can also be a bit barkier than other indoor breeds.

Great Dane

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What?! One of the biggest dogs is a good indoor dog? If you can get past their size, these gentle giants are one of the best breeds. They are happy to lay around all day sleeping and, don’t think because they’re big they also have a big bark; They are generally quiet companions. Just remember that with a large size also comes a large appetite!


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Sometimes you can hear them before you see them. Pugs are ever so cute with their scrunched up faces and inquisitive head-tilts. Highly affectionate, they may be the best of two worlds when it comes to being both laid-back and energetic. They need a little more grooming than some other breeds thanks to their defining feature – those cute folds of skin that grace their face.

Yorkshire Terrier

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You know em when you see em. These rambunctious little toy-dogs are a breed that will make your heart melt. Lest you think your space is too small, Yorkies can fit comfortably in just about any nook and cranny of an apartment – perfectly content. Their witty and enthusiastic demeanor will charm your guests. Keep in mind that Yorkies are more energetic than other indoor breeds and will bark more.


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Mal-please! If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pup that looks the part but won’t require constant grooming – the Maltese is a good choice. They are quiet, affectionate, and generally just want to be hanging out wherever you are. Too bad you can’t find a human roommate with qualities as great as these!

Dog Boarding and Frontier Club at The Ranch means no space issues – ever!

Need to get away for a weekend and can’t take your pup? Want to treat them to a fun-filled day in the sun when you’re back at work? Bring them to the Ranch! At Pawderosa Ranch we make sure that our dog daycare and dog boarding services include healthy amounts of outdoor and group play. If you don’t have time to take them to a park, or they leave the apartment a mess while you’re getting work done, bring them to us. We’ll take care of the rest!


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