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Learning how to take care of a dog in the heat is intimidating, but here at Pawderosa Ranch, our #1 priority is to help maintain proper care of your pup – whether that be educating new owners or having staff members that are equipped to do so during their stay with us. We have created a quick list of five ways to be sure your pup is enjoying their time:

Stay Indoors

It can be simple as that, hang inside and enjoy quality time with your favorite furry friend during the hottest part of the day after giving them some exercise in the morning. There are many ways to keep your pet entertained and stimulated while inside: follow our lead and have conversations, read books, fill enrichment toys with tasty treats, provide puzzle toys, give your pup a good brushing or massage them!

Find Shade

If you do choose to go outside, be sure to plan ahead and scope the scene for shady areas first. It is important to have covered spots available during walks or other outdoor activities so that your pup has places to cool down if they need to.

Fresh Water

This seems like an obvious solution, however with a full social schedule sometimes it can be easy to forget the necessities. Always have water readily available, especially if your dog is engaging in any sort of physical activity outdoors.

Healthy Weight

Exercising regularly is a simple way to eliminate additional stress that can come from carrying extra weight in the heat. Just like humans, each animal and their ideal weight looks different – please consult your local veterinarian to better understand your pet’s needs. If you are looking for some ideas on how to have fun with fitness, check out our recent blog on staying active with your dog.

Fur + Coat Maintenance

You should always include regular brushing with your dog’s hygiene routine. However, this is most important during warmer months because unwanted hair is only adding unnecessary weight which is uncomfortable in combination with record temperatures. Keep in mind, whether you are looking for full service grooming or self serve wash areas – our salon and spa provides luxury customizable  service for every pup!

Summer may be coming to a close, but our state is no stranger to a somewhat year-round scorcher – ensure your furry friend gets the care they need to combat the warm weather these next couple of months before we finally can get our paws on the sweet release of Autumn.

Remember to visit us in San Antonio and Schertz for all of your lodging, daycare, training, and grooming needs. After all, we are the original in custom care and canine enrichment: Pawderosa Ranch.

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