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Is your dog bored all day while you’re at work? Do they look at you through the dog cam with their big sad eyes, waiting for something to happen? We can forget how much of the day goes by for our furry friends while we’re going to work or running errands. Doggy daycare helps our pups in more ways than one while we’re out bringing home the dog biscuits. 

1. All Day Exercise


While it’s hard for most humans to get exercise in, it can be even harder for dogs to get the daily exercise they need. Let’s face it, there’s just not enough time in the day. Lack of daily exercise potentially leads to destructive habits, weight gain, excessive barking, and other health related issues. Doggy daycare provides an exercise outlet for your pup so they go home happy and at ease. 


2. Change of Scenery


When you think about it, your dog’s whole world is confined to the same space every day. When your dog is able to go out into a new environment, they are able to take in new smells, meet new people and get out of the house for a while. Much like humans, your dog likes to explore and dog daycare gives your pup that option.


3. Socialization


Dogs are pack animals by nature. Socializing your dog teaches them how to behave properly, including how to play with other dogs and not to be aggressive. Dog play groups give them a confidence boost and help them figure out how to navigate different situations that may not come up in the everyday household. Most importantly, your dog is able to gain important puppy friendships. 


4. Relief of Boredom and Anxiety


Just like you and I, dogs get bored too. When a dog is bored at home, this boredom is transferred into bad habits, such as chewing up furniture or ripping up carpet. The boredom can lead into anxious habits such as urinating in the house or barking excessively. Doggie daycare provides that outlet for them to not feel bored or anxious while you’re at work. 


5. Grooming

We all love a good smelling dog. While this benefit can seem marginal, it can come in handy when you want to knock out two birds with one stone. Your dog is able to get some great play in during the day and get groomed as well, so when you pick up your pup they are happy, healthy, calm, and smelling like flowers. Pawderosa Ranch offers dog grooming services a la carte as well. 


And there you have it, five benefits of choosing daytime dog daycare for your beloved pup. If you’re thinking of taking your furry friend in pet daycare, fill out our form and we can help you get started! 


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