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Think you’re getting some of that delicious Halloween candy? Think again. These dogs are not letting you near any of their Halloween treats!

1. The “Side-Stare”

dog with halloween candy

2. Keep your valuables close…and shrink-wrapped for freshness

cotton candy dog

3. I have plans for you little Boo Bars. PLANS.

dog in costume with treats

4. Sometimes it’s all a bit much. Being on watch takes quite a bit of energy!

sleeping dog with candy

[highlight align=”left, right, center” style=”default, different”]We hope your Halloween weekend is filled with more treats than tricks and that your costume totally tops that chicken suite you wore last year! Just remember, no matter how protective your dog is, to keep your bounty of sweets locked up safe from your pup to ensure that they stay healthy and happy.[/highlight]

If you need a reminder about the dangers of chocolate and some other Halloween foods to your dog’s health, check out our blog article. Happy Halloween!

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