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They say dogs and their owners are a lot alike. To find out for sure we put together a small dog personality assessment to help you discover which breed you may most be like. Big or small, loyal or playful – there’s a lot of different people and a lot of different dogs out there. Which dog personality are you?

dog personality

German Shepherd

Just like a German Shepherd you are one of the most popular people around. You exude courage, you keep cool even under stressful situations, and you try to stay well balanced. You are authentic, loyal, and you try to find your place in relationships. Anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. However, your loyalty can sometimes seem intimidating to outsiders.

dog personality

French Bulldog

What a character you are to everyone who knows you. You are fanciful, playful, sweet, and attention seeking in the most innocent way. You have a laugh that people can’t mistake as being anyone else’s. You take things as they come, are excited by change, and love everyone around you.

dog personality


There’s a sparkle in your eye, that’s for sure. Your independence stands apart from your peers. You seek equality wherever it may be found – at home, at work, and in your friendships. You enjoy being away from home for extended periods of time, but you never forget to come back. You have boundless energy to explore and make new friends.

dog personality

Golden Retriever

You’ve got a heart of gold! Nothing bad can be said about you by anyone. You’re always there helping family, friends, and even strangers. Your devotion means you also have dedication and resourcefulness to help in difficult life situations. People often got to you for advice, because they know you’ll listen with a loving heart. It’s no wonder why you’re in high demand!

dog personality


You are so misunderstood – it’s not your fault you got it all! You have the brains, the bod, and a brave personality that makes it all come together. People may think you’re a snob – but they couldn’t be more wrong. You love people, but it just takes you little while to warm up to strangers.

dog personality

Saint Bernard

You have a big heart and bigger hugs. Everyone trusts you. You love kids and are a natural caretaker. You put people at ease with a stoic demeanor and peaceful personality. When up against difficult times in your life, there’s no limit to the lengths you’ll go to protect those closest to you.

A Dog Daycare with Personality

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