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Ever wonder what a day at Pawderosa Ranch is like? Well, I’m here to tell you about my day at The Ranch from an insider’s perspective!

My name is Scout and I am an almost 2-year-old Boykin Spaniel. Every week, my brother Jake and I play at the Airport location with all our fur-ends.

By now, I am what they call a “Ranch Regular” which means I am basically a doggie daycare expert! Today, like most days, my mom drove us to daycare. When we pulled up, one of my coaches came out to welcome us. Mom used to walk us into daycare but last year my daycare started doing something called “curbside service.” I figure it’s because I am a VIP (Very Important Pup). I mean, everyone does know my name!

As soon as we arrive, Jake and I go straight out to one of the play yards to go potty, explore the yard and, my personal favorite, search the yard for birds and squirrels to chase. After we play and potty we get to go inside and say hello to all our fur-ends. Jake and I get settled into our bunk that has a bed, cozy blanket and a big bowl of water.

My coaches get ready for the day as more of my friends arrive at The Ranch. I am always so excited to see what my coaches havescouts doggy day friends planned for the day because every day has different fun activities like Arts and Crafts, Sports Day, and Basic Manners. Today is one of my favorite days, Ranch Day!

I hear my coach call my name and spring off my comfy bed. I sit and wait for her to come walk me to The Wild West play yard. My coaches always make sure I walk nicely on leash, like the lady I am, but as soon as I hit the yard, I race around ready to see what fur-ends are coming out next. I see Zoey, Milo and Raider coming to play and I greet all of them as they come into the yard.

I love searching for treats in the hay with my pal Milo. We dig and sniff around to see who can find the most treats. My coaches
also hide a scent tube around the play yard and my pals and I have to search near and far to find it. Today I found it hiding in the tractor tire and even in the tree! When I find the tube my coach gives me a special treat because I did such a great job. Zoey and I love to zoom through the tractor tires and balance on top of them. We like to see who can “stay” the longest and then when one of us hops off we chase each other all around the yard because she is silly just like me!

After my first fur-end playtime I head back into the bunkhouse for a rest and water break. I tell my brother Jake to have fun during his playtime and sprawl out on my bed. Before I know it, another coach comes to leash me for my one-on-one playtime. This playtime is ALL about me which I really like. This playtime is with another coach who spends time just with me. Today I worked on a trick called “roll over” and I also got the best belly rub ever!

My coaches play music for us in the bunkhouse while we relax for a bit before starting the next play groups. To be continued..

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