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Humans and pups have been best friends for thousands of years (we did a whole history blog on it). Back then, we needed dogs to help us gather food and protect us from predators. We no longer need our furry companions to hunt or protect us from wild animals, but they do offer plenty of other benefits!


#1 Walking Buddies


Some people are happy to walk by themselves, but most individuals enjoy a buddy when walking. Dogs are basically built-in walking buddies. They love walking in the park, the neighborhood, or around an outdoor market. As long as you’re there, they are happy and thriving while taking a stroll. 


#2 Great Listeners


Whether we’ve come home from a long day at the office or had someone break our heart, Fido is all ears. He’s there to listen to our troubles, dreams, frustrations, and hopes. They may not be able to say anything back but they don’t have to, we know they love us and aren’t judging us (maybe), and we love them for it.


#3 Stress Relievers


Our pups make us calmer people, and that’s not by coincidence. When we pet our dog’s fur, it releases a feel-good chemical called Oxytocin. This chemical helps us destress. So keep petting Fido, it benefits both people in their relationship!


#4 Funny Buddies


It’s not far-fetched to say that our pups make us laugh constantly. Whether it’s their funny faces, mannerisms, or oddball reactions to situations, our pups are constantly giving us a chuckle. When you adopt a pup, you basically sign-up for a built-in comedy act.


#6 Consistent Friends


Friends come and go throughout our life for one reason or another. But a dog, they’ll stay with you forever. When a dog walks into your world, they’ll be a friend for as long as they can. No matter how much you get mad at them, or vice versa, they won’t be leaving your side any time soon.


#7 Just Being Themselves


Let’s face it, we are thankful for dogs because we simply love who they are. They’re listeners, friends, protectors, stress-relievers, and so much more. We try our best to give them love back by taking them to the dog parks and letting them spend time at the Ranch. Our pups mean the world to us and to our pups we mean so much more. For that, we are forever grateful. 


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