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Dedicated dog lovers like to celebrate their canines every chance they get – think of the stickers you’ve seen adorning the bumper of a Toyota Camry that read, “I <3 my Australian cattle dog” or, “shar pei on board.” Fine art hung proudly on the interior walls of a home is another expression of a dog buff’s appreciation of their pet.

From custom pet portraits to illustrated odes delighting in a particular breed’s beauty, the Pawderosa Ranch team appreciates dog décor in all of its forms. We have compiled a list of the top dog-centered artists that we like to admire. Trust us – you will appreciate them too.


Dog Breath Photography

Whimsical and captivating, photographer Kaylee Greer manages to capture each of her clients’ unique personalities in her vibrant photos.

dog breath photography

Photo courtesy of


Rafael Mantesso

This visual artist’s beloved bull terrier, Jimmy Choo, was the only thing he had after his divorce. He found inspiration in blank walls and started snapping creative photos of his best friend alongside some well-placed doodles.

Rafael Mantesso dog photo

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Samuel Price

San Francisco artist has made a name for himself creating eco-friendly portraits by transforming old magazines into colorful canine collages. This unusual technique is called photo-montage and requires many hours of assembling, cutting and pasting.

frenchie bulldog samuel price

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Vana Chupp

Creating customized pet silhouette portraits via Le Papier Studio, Vana Chupp boasts some of the most inexpensive personalized pet prints around. These one-of-a-kind pieces are minimal, elegant and picturesque.

dog print

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Cindy Kelleher

A photographer from San Antonio, Texas with over 20 years of experience, Cindy Kelleher is a dog-loving photographer ready to create breathtaking images for her clients – especially if they have dogs. At Pawderosa Ranch have been fortunate enough to work with Cindy often.

cindy kelleher photography

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We have a taste for the finer things at Pawderosa Ranch, which is why you will see dog portraits hung on just about every wall around the Ranch. We care for your dog in style and welcome you to come and tour our facilities to see for yourself.

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