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Meet our remarkable team member, Ericka. She owns a 3-year-old Great Dane named Kaya and a 6-year-old Pitbull named Capone. Both dogs have been her companions since they were puppies and have moved with her all the way from Wisconsin! Capone enjoys his daily naps and belly rubs. Despite tearing both of his back ACLs when he was young, Ericka invested time and resources in his surgeries and subsequent care. Capone recovered quickly and has taught Ericka valuable lessons, making her a better dog owner and caregiver. Kaya, the goofy and easygoing forever puppy, adds endless energy to the mix. While she challenges Capone and Ericka with her antics, she remains loyal and loving. Kaya, typical of Great Danes, is cautious around new people and animals but is devoted to her family. Ericka has learned patience through Kaya’s growth and development, fostering a deep bond with her beloved pet.

Ericka describes Pawderosa Ranch as an exciting, nurturing, and fulfilling environment. Her time at the ranch allows her to impact each dog’s day positively through mental and physical activities, love, and a commitment to providing the best care possible.

Selecting a favorite memory is challenging for Ericka, given the multitude of wonderful experiences she has had with the dogs. She cherishes the moments spent customizing each dog’s experience and contributing to foundations and rescues to support the community and dogs in need.

When asked about her favorite Rancher, Ericka finds it difficult to choose, as she values the unique bond she shares with each dog. One standout favorite is Rufus Diehl, who shares a special connection with Ericka’s former Great Dane and has overcome many obstacles with Ericka’s help. Rufus’s affection and efforts to brighten Ericka’s day make him a cherished member of the Ranch.

Ericka is a highly valued team member at our Downtown location, enriching the lives of the dogs and bringing her passion and dedication to work every day.

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