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Eating food is probably one of life’s greatest small joys, for you and for your dog. When you’re munching something especially delicious, it’s tempting to sneak your best friend a bite. Many human foods, however, are best left on the table. Not sure if your dog can join in on the meal? We’ve compiled a list of many people’s favorite foods that your dog is better off avoiding.


What?! Yes, it’s true. While bacon is one of life’s most delicious substances, foods that are very rich in fat can affect a dog’s pancreas. They may even develop pancreatitis, a disease that occurs when your dog’s pancreas becomes inflamed and stops functioning properly. This leads to poor or improper absorption of nutrients, causing all kinds of pain and health problems for your furry friend.

Offering a treat? Make sure it's safe!


Did you know dogs can be lactose intolerant? Most dogs have some intolerance for cheese, although it generally just causes them bloating and constipation. For some dogs, this intolerance is more serious and can result in very painful and dangerous gastric distress. If you use cheese as a common treat for your pet, find an alternative and make cheese a rare goody given to your dog in small amounts. Watch them for signs of distress or discomfort and discontinue cheese altogether if it seems to cause problems.


Alcohol is dangerous enough for a dog in any form. Canine systems don’t process ethanol the way we do, so the result is ultimately poisonous for your pet. Beer is even worse than most alcohol, as hops are actually toxic for dogs. The consumption of hops by your dog can cause panting, an increased heart rate, fever, seizures, and even death. While it might be tempting to share a drink with your best friend, offer them a refreshing bowl of water instead.

Enjoy a beer with friends - not your dog.


The skin and leaves of an avocado contain person, a known toxin for dogs. Exposure to this toxin can result in congestion, trouble breathing, and fluid retention around the heart that can result in death. As if that weren’t enough, the pit of an avocado can cause serious problems for your dog – it’s slippery surface makes it easy to swallow. Accidentally ingesting one of these pits can cause choking and may result in internal damage to your dog when they can’t process the large pit. In spite of these problems, though, the fruit of an avocado is safe for your dog to eat.


Candy, along with sugar-free gum and any sweet containing Xylitol, is toxic for your dog. This chemical appears to cause humans no harm, but can cause low blood sugar, seizures, liver failure or even death for your pup. Watch for this ingredient in baked goods and other sweets that claim to be low-sugar or sugar free.

Beagle dog sneaks a treat

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