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Halloween is a delightful time of year for humans and canines alike. Who doesn’t love adorable dogs in costumes, or bags full of candy? As exciting as Halloween can be, it’s also a potentially dangerous time of year for your furry friends. Vet visits increase about 12% every year on Halloween, and many pets go missing. Here are our essential Dos and Don’ts to keep Halloween fun, not scary, for your best friends.

DO: Make sure your pet is microchipped, and ID tags are on.

With all the added excitement of kids roaming the neighborhood, and the door opening and closing for trick-or-treaters, your dog runs a higher risk of escaping on Halloween. Make sure that you’re prepared with ID tags secured and microchip up-to-date.
Halloween chihuahua!

DON’T: Let your dog near any Halloween candy.

While your dog might do all kinds of tricks to earn a treat, stick with milk bones on Halloween. Candy often contains chocolate and xylitol, two ingredients that are toxic to dogs. If your dog accidentally consumes some candy, call your emergency vet or the Pet Poison hotline at 855-764-7661 (fees apply).

Bulldog wears an orange witch's hat.

DO: Pick a costume that’s comfortable for your pet.

Dog costumes can be a blast for you and for your pet, but not all dogs will tolerate an elaborate cost. Let your dog adjust to their costume in the days leading up to Halloween. If they show signs of allergy or annoyance, don’t make them wear it. Always observe your dog while in costume, so they don’t get stuck or eat any part of it. If your dog is really resistant to dressing up, stick with a cute collar or a festive bandana. Avoid costumes that impede their vision or hearing.

Black lab in Halloween garb.

DON’T: Put Jack-O-Lanterns anywhere your pup can reach.

If you have pumpkins lit, make sure your dog can’t get anywhere near them. It’s easy for a dog to knock one over, potentially injuring themselves or starting a fire. Even the most well-behaved dogs might be tempted by the bright light and strange smell that comes along with Jack-O-Lanterns – don’t trust their good behavior to stick.

Pup on a Pumpkin.

DO: Keep your pet indoors or in your sight all evening.

Strange sights, new smells and things to eat, and Halloween pranksters – all these factors put your dog at a higher risk of being hurt on Halloween. If your dog spends a lot of unsupervised time in the yard, bring them inside on Halloween. Keep a close eye on them, whether they’re out trick or treating with you or inside helping you hand out the candy.

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