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It was an absolute pleasure to sit down and chat with our Lodge & Learn trainer Heather. She’s been with the Ranch for a few years now and was eager to share her advice for this week’s blog since February is Dog Training Education Month.

If I just adopted a tiny puppy, where should I start with dog training? I suggest you start training your pup right away. Whether you’ve adopted them at 7 weeks or 7 years old, but as for puppies you always want to keep training fun, especially at such a young age. I suggest keeping it simple and starting with basic obedience and potty training, all while socializing them to different textures, sounds and experiences. For dog training tools that you will want to invest in, we’ve linked them all here: What tips do you have for Dog Training Education Month? For Dog Training Education Month, you could start researching and getting familiar with the breed of dog you have and adjust your training and games from there. If you have a Miniature Schnauzer for instance, you would want to investigate doing canine sports that your schnauzer can use the skills that it was bred to do. Click the photo to link you to AKC’s website for more information on getting started with Canine Sports. Photo of: German Shorthair Pointer in San Antonio Doggy Daycare What do I do if my pup isn’t getting anywhere with training? If you’re having trouble with positive training at home, Edward and I are only a phone call away and would love to help you troubleshoot through any training problems you’re having. Photo of: Girl Dog Trainer Loving on Lab   Wow, thanks again Heather for all the great information! We hope that this blog helps guide you to better familiarize yourself with your pup’s breed and encourages you to start training them! Again, if you have questions or would like to sign your pup up for our 21 day Lodge & Learn program give us a call at 210-404-9941

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