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Jack Russell terriers are known for being jumpy and hyperactive, but their loving disposition makes them a popular choice amongst many dog owners. If you are looking to adopt soon, read over about the breed below and decide if a Jack Russell terrier will be a good addition to your family.

Jack Russell Terriers At A Glance


These terriers have a very fun personality. They are high energy and have alert, lively tendencies. Because of this, Jack Russell terriers need regular exercise and are a bit more difficult to train. The breed will chew on things or be destructive if not stimulated mentally or physically.

This breed is a people lover and is great with children, but is known to be aggressive with other dogs – they should live indoor as opposed to outside. Living in an apartment is fine as long as they are getting enough playtime. Make sure to have a fence that they cannot climb, dig or jump over.


A small, athletic, working dog, Jack Russell terriers have a double coat that comes in two varieties: smooth and broken in white, white and black, white and tan or tri-colored.

  • Weight: 13 to 17 pounds
  • Height: 10 to 15 inches

The coat is generally short and is in-between a rough and smooth texture. A weekly brushing will keep the hair neat and clean. This will also prevent flyaways or the frequency of shedding that normally occurs.


Jack Russell terriers boast great general health. They are prone to knee pain, but that is to be expected when the breed can jump up to five feet!

Quick History

Origin: United Kingdom

This breed was developed by Reverend John Russell, whose nickname was Jack. Russell aimed to breed a hunting dog that was able to chase foxes out of their den,

If you are looking for an affectionate, energetic and loyal companion, this may be the right breed for you.

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