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Some people want a dog that cuddles and watches Netflix all day with them. We have an article for you if you’re looking for the perfect indoor dog. Others want a dog that will keep up with them while they bike, hike and go camping. We created this list of the best outdoor dogs for our outdoorsy people. 

Labrador Retriever 

One of America’s favorite dog breeds has a water-resistant coat, making them excellent swim buddies and outdoor companions in general. Labradors are known to be easy to train and are great listeners. They are an intelligent breed that can be traced to their working history. This makes it easy to take them on that camping trip. They’re also bred to assist hunters and so are great company to go hunting with. 

outdoor Labrador retriever

Australian Shepherd 

The Australian Shepherd is extremely active and requires an owner who has a lot of energy. They make great running companions and are always ready to train beside you. You’ll also be able to put this breed in canine competitions such as agility, herding and dock diving.

outdoor dog Australian shepherd


When they’re not starring in movies, Collie’s are out roaming the countryside. Originally used as herding dogs, this breed loves having a job, or something to put their mind to. Collies have a great coat for the chilly weather and they love to take a good run or walk. 

outdoor dog collie


Experienced runners will appreciate this dog breed, as they were made to run and be active. Vizsla’s are exceptional at speed, endurance, navigating obstacles and jumping. If you’re someone who loves tough mudders or crazy obstacle course races, this may be your dog.

outdoor dog

Australian Cattle Dog 

Another herding breed that is known to be smart, energetic, strong and protective. With dingo in their blood, this dog breed can go all day without a sweat. Australian Cattle dogs love wide-open spaces and are perfect for active people or families. 

outdoor dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

With “mountain” in their name, you know you’ve found a great hiking companion. This breed originated as a working dog from Switzerland. Bernese Mountain Dogs need a large area to play and are always up for a hike, a walk, or any type of active challenge you have in store for the day. 

outdoor mountain dog

An outdoor companion to walk, swim and hike with you is just what all outdoorsy people need. If you find yourself in a pinch and need a place to tire out your active friend, we’ll be sure to keep them moving out at the Ranch! 


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