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April is National Canine Fitness Month! All animals, even dogs, need exercise throughout the day. Many dogs suffer from obesity and sedentarism. This comes from too much sitting and too many calories from overeating and not enough exercise. Due to weight gain, our furry friends suffer with sore joints, difficulty breathing and have higher chances of cancer and canine diabetes. Here are some ways to get your canine friend some exercise in so they can live a long and bountiful life. 

Take Your Dog on a Leisurely Walk 

We often have pockets of time throughout the day where we can plug in a small exercise sessions for our pooch. Maybe you have a bit of time before work, after work or in the middle of the day. Utilize that time to take Fido on a walk around the neighborhood or around your local park. Even if the walk is brief, your furry friend will feel all the better for it. 

Try Some Active Play 

Maybe you’re not feeling a walk or run today, no problem! Play fetch outside in your backyard or a fenced-in area. Whether you use a ball, stick or frisbee, it doesn’t take much effort to throw while your dog runs off their energy. Running back and forth in the yard for 15 – 30 minutes a day lets out a lot of energy for your canine friend. 

Create an Indoor Obstacle Course 

Too hot, muddy or rainy outside? Make an indoor obstacle course! Use materials you have lying around the house such as cardboard boxes, hula hoops, stepping stools and anything else you find. Create a fun obstacle course to have your dog run through. Entice them with treats (but not too many) and progress with hand and voice signals. They’ll get exercise and learn in the process. 

Send Them to Doggie Daycare 

Maybe your day is filled to the brim with work, appointments, meetings and everything in between. Instead of having your furry friend stuck at home, try sending them to doggy daycare! At Pawderosa, we’ve created a place for all dogs to play, interact with friends in a safe environment and improve physical fitness, all while having fun. Contact us today to find out how to get your very first visit for free! We hope this helps you stir up some ideas to get your furry friend active.


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