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Summer is quickly approaching its peak. This is means that the days are longer, and most of all – hotter. You may notice PSAs from time to time trying to make people aware of the dangers of overexertion and the importance of staying adequately hydrated. For the most part, especially here in Texas, we do a pretty good job of trying to stay cool. Of course, nowadays it’s easier with all of our ACs and cold drinks compared to what it may have been like a century ago. However, with there being more dog owners than ever, many people overlook the special problem that their pets have this time of year. Here are some important things to remember about your dog and the summer heat.

Your dog wears a fur coat…constantly

Think about how hot you feel just walking from the office to your car in the afternoon. Spend some time out on the river over the weekend – you probably got sunburned a bit. Now imagine walking around, running, lounging, working, and generally going about your day to day while wearing a thick, head-to-toe, fur costume. Let’s just say you probably won’t last long. Well, your dog has to do this 24/7/365. They get no break and when the summer heat hits they can do nothing but endure.

Your dog cannot sweat

Sure, sweat may be smelly and it stings when it gets in our eyes, but overall you should be extremely thankful that you have the ability. Many animals cannot and your dog is one of them. This is why dogs pant after exercising or when the weather is warm – it is their way of releasing internal heat because they do not possess sweat glands like us Homo sapiens.

Your dog cannot tell you when they’re in danger

Constantly wearing a fur coat and not having the ability to sweat means that just being outside during the heat can dangerous for your dog. Now, add in physical activity like playtime to the equation and if you aren’t careful your pup could get heat stroke. As an owner you need to be aware of this and realize the responsibility you have to keeping your furry friend safe. They don’t have a voice and they will run themselves in to the ground if you encourage them to.

We keep our dogs cool at Pawderosa Ranch

Outdoor time is a big part of our rancher’s experience here at Pawderosa, but we make sure that when it’s time to cool off that it’s done right. Water, shade and even AC units inside the kennels are just a few of the things we do to make sure our dog boarding facility is the one you’ll always come back to – no matter what time of year it is!

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