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Let’s all admit, dog costumes are one of the cutest things mankind has ever made. We love dressing up our dogs of all sizes and taking them to pet-friendly Halloween events around town. While you can walk into a store and grab a superhero or princess costume, it’s more fun and unique when you make a costume on your own. Here are some of our faves:


NASA Astronaut

Dog in NASA DIY costume



Love space and NASA? Your pup will be out of this world with this dog costume idea! Create a rocket using two-liter soda bottles, spray paint, and red and yellow tissue paper. Spray paint the two bottles, glue the two colored tissues together inside the opening of the bottles. Print out the Nasa logo and ducktape to the bottles. Attach the rocket on your dog’s harness and you’ve got yourself a space dog!


Frida Kahlo

Dog in Frida Kahlo DIY costume



For this colorful look, you’ll need a few crafting items. Fake flowers, yarn, black felt, elastic headband, a green shirt, and lots of beaded necklaces! Cut off the stems of the fake flowers and hot glue them onto the elastic band that is sized to fit your pup’s head. Then use the black felt and cut to make Frida’s famous eyebrows. Attach the eyebrows underneath the flowers, so they sit right on top of your puppy’s eyes. Then finish off the look with a gorgeous wrap and jewelry!


TY Toy

Dog in Beanie Baby costume



This is a simple and easy way to get “Aww so cute!” from trick-or-treaters. You can make the dog tag by either using felt or construction paper. Just cut out a big, or small, heart shape, along with T and Y. Cut out a hole to place on your dog’s license holder or attach with string. Viola! You have yourself a real-life beanie baby. 



Dog in superhero costume



Classic costumes are always in style. The essentials for this costume are a mask and a cape. You can make the mask out of felt and use extra felt, or a matching colored shirt, for a cape. Tie around your pup and you have a masked crusader on your hands.  


Starbucks Dog

dog in Starbucks costume



This is a pretty simple costume that’s sure to be a hoot! Using cardboard, a printed out starbucks logo, a to-go coffee lid and some string you have a great dog costume. Everyone will want to take insta-worthy pictures with your pup.


These are just a handful of fun and different DIY costume ideas. All dressed up with nowhere to go? Be on the lookout for our pawsitively fun events! We’re always making sure our furry friends have activities to do at the Ranch. 


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