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My name is Leisa,

I joined Pawderosa as a Client Service Specialist  about  1 1/2 years ago. I came from the corporate world and, upon having a moment of clarity, realized that even though I was successful, I was also miserable and unfulfilled. I can honestly say leaving and joining Pawderosa was one of the best decisions I ever made. We have a great team here and my favorite part of any day is all the kisses I get when the pups come in for their play date! I believe a big part of my job is making sure that each client that comes here knows their furbaby is in good hands and will be just as loved and cared for as they would be at home. When I do my job well, our enrichment and care teams know just what each dog needs at their ” home away from home.”

What’s your favorite time of year at the Ranch?
I love Spring time for purely selfish reasons. The weather is perfect for working and playing with our dogs.
What’s your favorite thing about the Ranch?
I love working for Pawderosa because it is a small company and Kim and Mike are always very accessible to both employees and customers. They love dogs and it shows in the people they have chosen to manage and work for them. Everyone here loves their job and loves dogs and it makes for a great team!

Tell me about your pets at home?

I have 3 dogs and several cats at home, most of them are strays that we took in. If my kids had their way, we would have even more. We have what I am calling a dachshund mix, and her name is Pixie. She is my son’s best friend and her favorite part of any day is sprinting with him. She is very protective of her human. Our toy Chihuahua is Little Bit, and he is our old man. He loves to burrow under blankets and sleep a lot. He is permanently attached to my daughter at all times. And then there is Ray Ray, our Australian Kelpie. He follows me everywhere and makes me laugh constantly, usually at him. Since he is a herding dog, he considers it his duty to keep the cats in line. He takes it very seriously. He tries to be brave, but thunder and flies are very scary and his Kryptonite. Our cats are Jing-Jing, Chibbs, Sookie, Jumper, Girlfriend, and Fergus. They each have very distinct personalities and even have their own “theme songs” that we made up for them. When they want to cuddle, you are going to cuddle until they are through with you, regardless of what you need to do. They rule the house.

At Pawderosa Ranch we welcome all dogs to come play and stay with us! Each rancher is cared for by a specialized staff who understand the benefits of dog daycare and lodging and who are passionate about making Pawderosa Ranch the best dog boarding in San Antonio. We can’t wait to see your pup!

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