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Hi my name is Edward,

I came to Pawderosa in Oct 2017. I have worked in the lodging industry for 10 years and have trained dogs for 5.
What training do you have?
My knowledge of dogs and how to care for them comes  from spending years watching them socialize in large groups at Canyon View Training Ranch in California. My years there helped me build a unique quality that sets me apart from others. I’m able to read and understand our four legged friends. This ability makes it easier for me to help dogs suffering from aggression and fear towards other animals. I’ve been successful in helping even the most insecure dogs learn how to play and build relationships with other animals and their Guardians.
What’s your favorite thing about the Ranch?
I’m originally from Southern California. I spent 6 months here in San Antonio looking for a lodging facility that I could be proud and excited to work for. I finally found Pawderosa! 
I interviewed with Amanda and I was convinced that I finally found the perfect place for a future. I feel Pawderosa shares the same respect and love for dogs that I have. 
As far is my training goes, I’ve worked with some of the best trainers in the world like Rick Huges from Hollywood Dog Training: They trained ‘Lassie’! I’ve also worked with some that weren’t so good. It helped me see the difference in good and bad training techniques and methods.
I’ve had hands on work with dogs in shelters, like East Valley Shelter in California, Lend a Paw Rescue in New Hall California and Canyon View Training and K9’s Only Training Academy. I was certified as a Dog Trainer 2009 by Bobby Daurfshire. Bobby is K9s Only Master trainer. I have spent years training and studying because as a trainer you never stop learning.
Tell me about your pets at home?
I have two wild rescue dogs: Delani, the none stop kisser and lap lover and Rex, my chihuahua mix. I kindly call him killer, because of his past aggression issues. Now after years of me properly socializing him, he has been renamed by my two boys (Eligh 9yr and Max 3yr) to “Butter Butt” because he melts into the ground after a belly rub.

At Pawderosa Ranch we welcome all dogs to come play and stay with us! Each rancher is cared for by a specialized staff who understand the benefits of dog daycare and lodging and who are passionate about making Pawderosa Ranch the best dog boarding in San Antonio. We can’t wait to see your pup!

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