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A new year brings new hopes, dreams, and goals. It’s also 365 new days of opportunities for you and your pup to grow a stronger bond and develop healthier habits. With your helping hand, you can give your dog(s) a better tomorrow. We have a few suggestions to help you this new year. 


#1 Measure Your Dog’s Food


Measure Fido’s food! It’s easy to grab a cup full of food and pour it into the food bowl, but it’s not always the healthiest habit. An estimated 54% of dogs in th U.S. are classified as overweight or obese with one of the biggest culprits being overfeeding. Measuring your pet’s food accurately is the first step to help your pet live a long and happy life. Remember to read the instructions on your pet’s food carefully and follow the daily recommended food portion. 


#2 Give Your Dog Exercise Time


Get some more exercise time! It’s not only healthy for you, but your pup’s health too! Just like humans, dieting is only part of your dog’s health and weight control. In order to maintain weight, an increase in activity is necessary. If you’re not able to increase the daily exercise, consider dropping them off at the Ranch


#3 Change up the Dog Toys


Clean out your dog’s toys! Just as we need to clear out our own clutter, we need to do the same with our dog’s toys. With fresh eyes, take a look at your pet’s toy collection and throw out the germ-infested, torn-up, old toys. Now’s the perfect time to do a good clear-out and give your pet something fun to play and be active with. 


#4 Try New Things


Try new things with your pups! Picture this, you’re doing the same, mundane thing day in and day out. Wouldn’t that be a boring life? Try new things with your pup such as hiking, kayaking, swimming and stuff in San Antonio


#5 Give Your Pups a Social Life


Get your pet a social life! Humans need other people around them, it’s part of our DNA make-up. Dogs are also social creatures and need to interact with other pups from time to time. You can do this by taking them to local dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, and doggy daycare at the Ranch! At the Ranch, your pup will have the freedom to play and interact with friends in a safe and watchful environment.


#6 Learn Something New 

Whether you have a new pup or an older one that needs a refresher course, training your pup is a great way to start off 2022. Basic manners are always in style and contrary to the old saying, you can teach an old dog new tricks! If you have the time (and patience) to train your pup, get started. If not, check out Frontier Club Platinum at the Ranch. Book by January 31st to lock in prices.


With our furry friends being such an important part of our lives, the new year is a great time to commit to making their health an even bigger priority. We hope these suggestions help and we can’t wait to see you in the new year!


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