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Despite the exponential growth at Pawderosa Ranch, we have managed to remain an intentionally small boutique over the years. Our staff and facilities have the capacity to care for fewer than 100 dogs at a time, making the level of care and attention focused and individualized according to their needs. We strive to keep this personalized attention and small capacity, even as we expand the Ranch team. The Ranch staff understands that your dog’s well-being is our highest priority.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative for your pup during those long, boring days while you’re at work or your dog needs longer-term lodging, Pawderosa Ranch’s active environment allows dogs to interact and exercise frequently throughout the day using a variety of stimulating activities. Our boutique size allows one on one interaction with your dog and our staff, which means much more attention and customized playtime activities.


Pawderosa Ranch Playtime Goals

  • Keep dogs engaged
  • Keep exercise structured
  • Ensure the best care
  • Include enriching activities
  • Change the activity every ½ hour of playtime
  • Maintain physical and mental stimulation
  • Focus on safety

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According to, your dog should spend between thirty minutes to two hours on an activity every day depending on his or her age, breed, size and overall health.

Keeping dogs active while at Pawderosa Ranch is our goal, and we do so by stimulating them with a variety of activities throughout the day. Separate play areas allow specialized groups to interact with each other and engaging equipment. We also have a few pools used to keep your dogs cool during the hot summer months.

Good exercise uses both mental and physical muscles. Dogs need structured exercise and one-on-one attention to keep them healthy and happy. That’s why we designed our activity program – to help you help your dog stay healthy and happy!

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Stimulating Activities Include

  • Games
  • Tricks
  • Playing with toys
  • Group activities
  • High-energy exercise

Pawderosa Ranch provides a fun and safe environment for your dog to play, exercise and enjoy various mental enrichment activities throughout the day. We purposely keep the facilities small and exclusive, which allows us to monitor each dog personally and ensure that individual needs are met. We strive to offer the most personalized and enriching dog day care experience in the San Antonio area.

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