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As a dog owner and lover, you know a thing or two about furry friends of the canine variety. As one of the top pup boarding facilities, we do too! We’ve heard a number of crazy, silly and down right hysterical myths about dogs in our day, but some of them are still believed to this day.

A warm dog nose means your pet is sick. Garlic prevents fleas. Anything you can eat, your dog can eat too. Sound familiar? These are all misinformed fables.

What is true, false or somewhere in between? Don’t worry – we are here to debunk a few common myths that lead to misconceptions about dogs and dog behavior.


Certain Breeds Are More Aggressive Than Others


Dogs are born with inherited tendencies, but aggression is apart of a dog’s personality as much as it is a human’s – aggression is usually a normal response to a threat. Dogs can learn alternate responses and control them throughout their lifetime, though. Good social skills taught as a puppy as well as patient, kind training are key factors to combating aggression. Some dogs need more careful nurturing than others, but bad experiences at any time in a dog’s life can lead to aggression problems. Some breeds have historically been used as fighting or guarding dogs, but aggression is undoubtedly learned through experience.


You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks


Old age is accompanied by sensory changes. That means your dog may not be able to hear or see as well as when he or she was a wee pup, but dogs can learn at any age. Older dogs may experience a decrease in energy, but age is often times mistakenly associated with stubbornness.

old dog reading

My dog runs around in the yard – I don’t need to take him or her for a walk.


Dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical activity to maintain their state of well-being. It’s important to take them for walks, play fetch or run together to encourage bonding as well as physical activity and excitement. Different sized dogs may require different levels of activity, and different breeds are more prone to hyperactivity.


Dogs Eat Grass To Soothe An Upset Tummy


Veterinarians have no proven answer to this popularly held theory. Research indicates, though, that animals may just like to eat grass. Don’t panic if your dog snacks on the lawn from time to time, but if his or her nibbling turns into a daily feast or vomiting ensues, be sure and talk to your veterinarian.

puppy eating grass

One Human Year Equal Seven Dog Years


Dogs obviously age at a faster rate than humans, considering they can reproduce well before they are one year of age. The average lifespan of a dog in comparison to a human was most likely averaged in an over-simplified manner and led to this common myth. It actually appears that dogs age faster early in life and slower later in life. A one-year-old dog is basically a human teenager, an eight-year-old dog is like a middle-aged human and many 15-yar-old dogs are still healthy and active, unlike a 105-year old human.

For a quick breakdown, use this chart from

  • 1-year-old-dog equals a 15-year-old human
  • 2-year-old-dog equals a 24-year-old human
  • 4-year-old-dog equals a 32-year-old human
  • 7-year-old-dog equals a 45-year-old human
  • 10-year-old-dog equals a 56-year-old human
  • 15-year-old-dog equals a 76-year-old human
  • 20-year-old-dog equals a 98-year-old human


Dogs Are Colorblind

Not completely.

Dogs see in color, but they see distinguish hues differently than humans. They are less able to differentiate colors, for example. They have receptors for blue and green shades but not for red shades. Dogs cannot easily distinguish between yellow, green and red, but they can identify different shades of blue, purple and gray.


Table Scraps Are Good For Dogs


Some foods can be harmful to your canine companion – they can pose choking hazards or cause gastrointestinal problems such as pancreatitis. For a quick reference guide of what not to slip off the table, check out our ‘Table Scrap Handbook’ blog.

dog baby food table


Our dog experts at Pawderosa Ranch are well versed in doggy fact versus fiction. Trust us for all of your pup boarding needs and to keep your loved one safe and happy while you are away.



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