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It’s officially the Pawlidays in San Antonio! December is chock-full of festivities and sights for humans all arounds, but what about your friends with paws? There are oodles and doodles of seasonal things to do this month with your doggo by your side! Here are a few things we recommend doing around town with your pooch.


Photos with Santapaws


Santa doesn’t just take pictures with human children, he also takes them with our four-legged pals! Don’t let the month pass by without snapping your next holiday card. Here are the places around town offering pet photos with Santa:


🐾 The Shops at La Cantera 

🐾 Petsmart

🐾 Petco


Look at Christmas Lights


One of the simplest ways to enjoy the beauty of the season is taking your dog to witness the Christmas lights. Now you may be thinking, don’t dogs see only in black and white? That is actually a myth. Scientists now believe that dogs can see more colors than previously thought, so your pup just might be able to relish in the beauty right along with you. Some places we recommend taking Fido is the Old West Christmas Light Fest as they welcome well-behaved, leashed pets! And of course around neighborhoods such as Windcrest and Alamo Heights. 


Shop at Holiday Markets


Outdoor holiday markets are a fun way to shop for the season, and it’s even better with a friend! Victoria’s Black Swan Inn has fun and unique holiday markets that are pet friendly. There’s also the annual SoFlo Holiday Market that’s both family and pet-friendly. 


Have Fun at The Ranch!


At Pawderosa, we make sure your furry friends are having a howling good time. So if you need to bring your pup to The Ranch so he doesn’t see what Santapaws is getting them, you can leave them here at The Ranch. We also have fun events for our favorite pooches! Stay tuned for our December events. 

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