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With a wide variety of dog harnesses on the market it can become overwhelming when choosing one that works well for you and your dog. Not to mention, once you do purchase a harness, adjusting the size and getting the contraption on him is just as exhausting as the walk you’re preparing for. Luckily, in our line of work we see all sorts of harnesses daily. So naturally I’m going to explain how to properly adjust and put on the most common types of harnesses.
*Thank you Hannah for helping me showcase each harness for this week’s blog!!*

Step-in Harness:
The Step-in Harness is the most commonly used harness, these are perfect for small dogs! Small dogs generally have weak tracheas and when walking your pup on a leash to collar system you could damage their trachea with the slightest of pulling. Once properly sized the Step-in Harness will fit snug on your pup and give him a sense of comfort.
To place the Step-in Harness on your pup, undo the buckle and lay it flat on the floor. Gently lift his front two paws and have him “Step into” the openings. Simply lift the buckle and connect it over the back of your pup. Adjust the harness to fit snugly, the key to a properly fitted harness is to have it tight enough for you to fit two fingers between the straps and your pup’s body.
**The Step-in Harness will trigger dogs to pull, so for safety reasons I strongly suggest not to put a large breed dog into a step-in harness unless they are well mannered on leash.

Easy Walk Harness:
The Easy Walk Harness is a well-balanced harness that gives you control during your walk. The Easy Walk Harness comes in a wide variety of sizes, so if you have a tiny Jack Russell Terrier or a Siberian Husky, they have an Easy Walk Harness for you!
These are a front clipping harness so when your dog pulls on the leash it gently turns their body slowing them down. With your dog now under control, you can get back to work on their leash manners!

The Easy Walk Harness can be a bit tricky to put on. There should be a single-color strap, for instance the single-color strap on my Easy Walk Harness is black. Now making sure the other color straps are connected, slide them over his head with the D-ring in front of his chest. Lastly, clip the single-colored strap underneath his belly, and adjust the straps accordingly. Click the link to watch a video on how to use the Easy Walk Harness.

Gentle Leader Head Collar:
I suggest the Gentle Leader Head Collar to be used on primarily large, strong breeds. This type of tool is great because it works a lot like a halter on a horse. It gently guides your dog and gives yourself the tool to control a large breed. Using a Gentle Leader Harness can take some time for him to get used to and you may see a lot of pawing at the Gentle Leader. With positive praise and lots of treats, you can change his mind about wearing the Gentle Leader.

To place the Gentle Leader on your pup, start by slipping the nose loop piece over your dog’s snout. Then you take the other straps around your pup’s neck like a collar and clip them together. Your leash attaches to the ring at the bottom of their chin. Click the link to watch a video on how to use the Gentle Leader Head Collar.

DIY Harness:
If you haven’t purchased a harness yet, let me show you a trick of the trade with this DIY harness can be done with any 6-foot leash. Clip your dog’s leash to their collar at the back of their neck. With a straight leash, loop it around their chest coming back around to their back.  Going under the original leash, you’ve made a make-shift harness!
**Do not attempt with a retractable leash.

I hope this week’s blog helped you in your harness purchase decision. As always you can ask our Enrichment Specialists what harness they think would be best for your pup or if you need further guidance on fitting your harness on your pup. Ready to purchase your pup’s harness? Head over to our Amazon Shop, click this link :  Pawderosa Ranch Amazon Page

Until next week…Well Wishes and Puppy Kisses!

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