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Have you always wanted to up your picture game, but you don’t want to invest in those super expensive cameras? Then this week’s blog is for you! I’m going to give you my top 10 tips for capturing better photos of your dog, with only using your smart phone!

Every photo used in this blog will be shot from my iPhone, let’s get started….

Tip #1 – Focus on your subject
Seems like an easy tip, but a lot of blurry photos were a result of not focusing on the subject. To focus on your dog, lightly tapping your dog on your screen where you would like to focus, a yellow square should appear for a second or two before disappearing, that indicates that your dog is the focal point.

Tip #2 – Think about your lighting
When having a photoshoot with your dog, you want to pay attention to your lighting. If you’re shooting in full sun, you are going to get a squinty eyed pup with an over saturated photo. If you’re shooting in complete shade, you may end up with a super dark photo. The most ideal lighting for your smart phone would be in partial shade or on a cloudy day which would soften the sun. The great thing about the smart phone is that is helps you out by adjusting its lighting for you, unlike a DSLR where you must adjust the settings manually.

Tip #3 – Choose a backdrop
Not very many people think about this, but you can take your photo skills to the next level just by keeping your backdrop in mind. Are you trying to capture your dog while on their favorite walk? You can find a pretty flower bed or a large tree to pose your dog in front of. While in the city, there are usually vibrant murals that make a great backdrop for your dog.

Tip #4 – Work those angles
Don’t be shy, work those angles! Getting down to your dog’s level really changes the dynamic of a photo, you can clearly see the difference it makes from the two photos below.

Tip #5 – Get creative
Sure, your dog sitting politely smiling will steal everyone’s hearts…but getting creative on incorporating your dog into the environment will give you that Instagram worthy photo!

Tip #6 – Get their attention
You know your dog best; do they love treats or a squeaky toy? Try holding the item slightly above your smart phone, it will make it seem like your dog is looking right at you! If you don’t have either item on you, making high pitch sounds usually does the trick!

Tip #7 – Shutter-mode
Sometimes you want to capture an action shot, like your dog catching a treat for example. Now, your smart phone will not take the best action shots but holding down on the shutter button gives you a better chance of catching something cool with your smart phone!

Tip #8 – Keep trying
Until your dog gets used to modeling everywhere they go, you’re going to be taking several photos. Maybe the pose is too hard, or the area is highly distracting, try not to get frustrated and rethink your photo and try again. Maybe you need to pick a different location or pull out some treats to help your dog channel their inner model.

Tip #9 – You can never go wrong with a selfie
Let’s say your dog went full-on diva and is not in the mood for photos, squat down and take a selfie with them. Your smart phone also has a self-timer tool that you can take advantage of, propping your phone up and setting your self-timer is sure to get you a photo worth posting. Seeing pups posing with their owners is one of the cutest things in our newsfeed.

Tip #10 – Edit your photos
My all-time favorite photo editing app is called Color Story, you can download it for free in the App Store. There are filters you can purchase, but I mainly use the brightening tool for correcting shadows. There’s even a sun flare tool which is cool to throw into your photos occasionally to make them POP!

With these 10 tips you’re sure to become a phone photographer, flooding your social media with all the furry cuteness! Maybe, at that point you should just make your pup their very own Instagram, when you do tag us @weloveyourdog so we can start following your fur-friend on their Insta-journey! I look forward to seeing those famous pups!

Until next week…Well Wishes and Puppy Kisses!

At Pawderosa Ranch we welcome all dogs to come play and stay with us! Each rancher is cared for by a specialized staff who understand the benefits of dog daycare and lodging and who are passionate about making Pawderosa Ranch the best dog boarding in San Antonio. We can’t wait to see your pup!

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