Let your dog vacation while you do! Dogs who board overnight are automatically enrolled in Daycare during the day. The Ranch combines the best daycare and dog boarding San Antonio has to offer, to satisfy all speeds of dogs, from the wandering sniffer, to the rambunctious runner, to the old timer who just needs some petting and personal attention. 

All Inclusive. All food. All drink. All activities. All our way.

When its time to rest, our dogs retire to their own personal Dens including freshly filled, stainless steel water bowls, their own special toys and treats neatly arranged on their bedding, and soft music to lull them to sleep. 

While our Dens are spacious, we limit the time spent there to feeding, digesting and sleeping. Our goal is to make your pet extremely comfortable while allowing them as much free time as possible. 

Is your dog a good fit for the ranch? Bring your pup by before booking his or her stay so we can check off on a few things to make sure the stay will be perfect for him/her and all the other dogs at the ranch. We’ll need to make sure Fido has all his shots and immunizations, is free of ticks and insects, and most importantly check out if he plays well with others. If you want to learn more about our screening process call  (210)-566-4222 for our Schertz location and (210)-404-9941 for our Airport location.

Reservations are required for Sleepovers. Price includes 100% off-leash group play. Click the buttons below to book your pooch’s stay.


2 Dogs


per night
2 dogs 10 nights $610
($61 per night/save $30)
2 dogs 20 nights $1180
($59 per night/save $100)
Price per night includes full day of daycare. Reservations are required.

1 Dog


per night
1 dog 10 nights $360
($36 per night/save $10) 
1 dog 20 nights $700
($35 per night/save $40)  
Price per night includes full day of daycare. Reservations are required.

3+ Dogs


per dog per night
3 dogs 10 nights $870
($87 per night/save $30)
3 dogs 20 nights $1680
($84 per night/save $120) 
Price per night includes full day of daycare. Reservations are required.

*Multi-dog discounts are offered only for dogs from the same household to help make boarding more affordable for families with more than one dog. Multi-dog discounts are only available if the dogs stay in the same kennel. If the dogs must be separated due to food or space aggression, the rate will revert to the single dog rate per dog.

Registration Packet

RegistrationAgreement Thumbnail

Get it to us in one of three ways

  • Download here, print, and bring it to desired location.
  • Fax to Airport at 1-866-298-8974 or to Schertz at 1-866-286-5485
  • Email forms to airport@weloveyourdog.net or northeast@weloveyourdog.net

(Please complete one registration form per dog and one agreement form per family.)


Call your desired location to schedule an interview.

Interviews are performed every day of the week except Sunday. You will drop off your dog at a scheduled time in the morning and we would like to keep him for at least 4 hours. During the interview we will see how he reacts and interacts with staff and other dogs. When you come to pick up at your prearranged time, we will let you know how your dog did and give you a tour. Once your dog passes the interview, he can play or stay with us anytime.

  • Dogs must be at least 4 months of age with all adult vaccinations complete
  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered after 8 months of age
Proof of Vaccination
  • Rabies – 1 or 3 year
  • Distemper/Parvo – 1 or 3 year
  • Bordetella – 6 months

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Let your pup have a day with friends, run, wag and more at The Ranch!



Wash up yourself or leave the mess to us! We’re pros!



For our airport location visitors, we’ll pick you up and drop you off curbside!