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The winds are feeling a bit cooler, the leaves are changing, and your pup might be smiling a bit more. The truth is, your furry friend has been waiting for sweater weather to come around for quite a while now. They might not have told you, but they absolutely love the fall time in Texas, and we may know why.


Fall means piles of leaves

dogs in leaves

Most pups love jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves. As you may already know, dogs have a heightened sense of smell. They are able to pick up the odor of the rotting leaves, and just like pumpkin spice lovers, they can’t resist a good smell (to them at least). We may find it annoying, but it’s okay to let your dog jump in a pile of safe leaves at least once this fall. 


Cooler weather means longer walks

Man walking dog in fall

In the Texas summer, the heat can sometimes be unbearable for you and your pup. When the weather starts getting cooler and the sun doesn’t feel as intense, it’s safe to assume your dog is looking forward to longer walks. They love cool weather, especially when they can feel the nice air in their fur.


All the fall events

Dogs at Pawderosa Ranch

There are some great dog-friendly and dog-centered events happening all around town in the fall! From our pawsitively fun parties, to outdoor Holiday markets and Barktoberfest, there’s always an event going on. Your pup is absolutely looking forward to hanging out with friends and enjoying the outdoors with pumpkin puppuccinos.  


Fall Photos

dog taking fall photos

Fall is the perfect time to update your dog’s photos on social media or in your picture frames. The contrast of all the fall colors to your pup’s coat is heart-eye worthy. Set up a fun photo shoot in the backyard or at a park. Let your dog use their natural coat or put them in a fun fall sweater. Your dog is looking forward to it, why not take the opportunity?


Need we say more?


Our four-legged friends love the fall season, so enjoy it with them. Whether it’s long walks in the park, outdoor activities, or throwing the ball into a pile of leaves, your dog is sure to have a blast! They will also surely enjoy the fun seasonal activities and treats that are provided at the Ranch daily during the fall, so schedule your pup’s play date today!


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