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The French Bulldog, affectionately known as a “Frenchie” by aficionados, is a popular pet. How much do you know about this pug-nosed, bat-eared breed? Watch this video and read our fun facts to learn more.

  • That adorable French accent

    If you’ve met a French Bulldog, you know their barks and growls are punctuated with funny, throaty snorts. This is due to their short faces, that make it a little harder for them to breathe. For this reason, Frenchies don’t make very active companions and they don’t do well in the heat. They will, however, join you on the couch for a TV marathon.

  • The French are great romantics….

    But the French Bulldog has a more difficult time with love. Because of their short legs and top-heavy bodies, Frenchies must be artificially inseminated in order to have puppies. Their large heads also mean that puppies are delivered via C-section.

  • They love the city of Paris

    French bulldogs are a popular choice for urban environments, due to their low exercise needs and small bodies. They make great apartment dwellers and friendly companions for busy, working people.

Whether you have a French bulldog or another furry canine in your home, we’d love to meet them. Explore our canine enrichment programs for daycare and overnight stays.


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