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Sit. Stay. Shake. Play dead. Roll over. Good boy!

JULY’S TRICK IS — Be Bashful

Tricks are fun and extremely helpful for both you and your dog. These learned physical and mental skills are formed from practiced obedience commands that stimulate your canine.

As one of the additional offerings from the expert trainers at Pawderosa Ranch, we offer monthly trick lessons that we will teach to your dog while he or she is staying at The Ranch. Help your dog learn basic manners and improve memory through these monthly trick offerings.

be bashful dog trick

Benefits of learning tricks

  • Overall obedience and manners are likely to improve

  • Build muscle tone and stamina

  • Increased flexibility, balance and concentration

  • Better communication and bonding with your dog

  • Positive use of energy


Dogs learn best in short, 10-20 minute increments, so we accommodate your canine accordingly. It’s best if he or she comes in two times per week or learns this new dog trick while boarding. We are sure to move at your dog’s pace and accommodate your dog based on his or her abilities, age and temperament.

Interested in treating your dog to a trick training lesson this month? Give us a call and your canine will learn ‘Be Bashful’ in no time. Be on the lookout for every month’s new trick!

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