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Hi my name is Vanessa,

I’ve been a part of the Pawderosa team since December of 2016. I started off as an Enrichment Specialist and I loved it! I love being able to interact with each individual pup, love on them, and teach them new things. Later, I was trained as a Care Specialist and I love caring for their individual needs. I prepare their meals just the way they like, I give them their medication so they stay healthy, clean their bunks so they feel more comfortable and give them fresh water to keep them hydrated. I also give baths and pawdicures so they feel fresh and clean before going back home to their families!

What’s your favorite time of year at the ranch?
My favorite time at the ranch is during the winter because we have a lot more dogs that come and stay with us for the holidays, and we really come together as a team and help one another

What’s your favorite thing about the ranch?
My favorite thing about the ranch would be the dogs, of course. I’ve seen and learned about so many different breeds I never thought I would get the chance to meet! I also enjoy seeing how they come out of their shell and start to play with each other and show their different personalities.

Tell me about your pets at home?
I have two dogs that I spoil whenever I can, one lives with me she is a Mini Australian Shepherd named Scarlett. She is my wild child, she has so much energy and loves to play. She can be nervous about meeting new people but once she gets comfortable she’ll be all over you giving you love. My other baby lives with my sister, we share her. She is a brown Chihuahua named Brownie of course. She’s more relaxed and calm but loves to go for walks outside and the only dog she will play with is Scarlett.

At Pawderosa Ranch we welcome all dogs to come play and stay with us! Each rancher is cared for by a specialized staff who understand the benefits of dog daycare and lodging and who are passionate about making Pawderosa Ranch the best dog boarding in San Antonio. We can’t wait to see your pup!

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