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Hello my name is Annie,

I’ve been with Pawderosa Ranch for about 7 months at first I was just a runner up front, taking all daycare and lodging dogs to the bunkhouse! I later trained to become a care specialist, I love being with the doggos in the back! I love that I get to care for them whether it comes to giving them medication or nightly bed time belly rubs. Pawderosa Ranch has taught me so much, everyone there shares my passion with each dog that comes in for caring and loving while owners are away. I’ve had all kinds of animals through out my life, since I was a kid I’ve always loved animals and I’ve always wanted to start a huge facility that takes all kinds of animals in, either to care for them the rest of their life or just care for an injury. I first had a beagle named charlie, he was the love of my life and my first heart break, he stayed by my bed when I was sick or got me in trouble with dirt! It didn’t matter what it was we did a lot together but animals get old and soon pass but I still have all our pictures hanging up. I’ve always wanted to care for all animals, so soon I will be attending school for my dream and hopefully create my own business.

What is your favorite time of year?
I haven’t been at the ranch for a full year but so far it’s when summer is coming. You see a lot more dogs coming in, you get to know each one and its a lot of fun meeting new characters. You get dogs who don’t come in regularly start boarding and it’s exciting looking forward to that the next day!
Tell me about your pets at home?
I have 3 dogs and 1 turtle. I have a 5 year old pitbull named mercy that I got from my cousin about a year ago who could no longer care for her. She is a very happy, energetic and loving creature, my only girl who could do no wrong in my eyes. A 6 year old Chihuahua named Rocko that I’ve had since I was 16. Since he was a pup he was my grumpy old man, we’ve been through a lot over the years and he has been the shoulder I’ve cried on for hard times and gives me his big ol eyes and a kiss that just makes everything better. And a 1 year old Chihuahua mix named Jesús whom I recently just rescued from the streets, I’ve had him for maybe about 2 months, he had no home and when he came to me he was very shy and quiet. Now he loves to run around and give lots of kisses, even when its to much for you its never enough for him. All of them sleep with me under the covers, I’ve tried the “no getting on the bed” thing but found myself telling them to get on the bed with me in the middle of the night. Also my 3 year old red ear slider turtle named Esteban, I’ve had him since he was just a baby. He’s a character, he loves his gold fish snacks and loves to be scrubbed with a soft toothbrush on his shell. We also do this thing where we stare at each other till one of us gets distracted first. I consider all of them my kids who I love unconditionally.
What is your favorite thing about the Ranch?
My favorite thing about the ranch would have to be on my downtime or lunch I can just get in a bunk and love on all the dogs that come in. It really makes my day getting to know new dogs and knowing dogs that come to us often, I consider each one as my own and love on them so much. I absolutely love what I do. Gaining every dogs trust means so much to me!

At Pawderosa Ranch we welcome all dogs to come play and stay with us! Each rancher is cared for by a specialized staff who understand the benefits of dog daycare and lodging and who are passionate about making Pawderosa Ranch the best dog boarding in San Antonio. We can’t wait to see your pup!

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