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 In Choosing A Kennel

Our San Antonio dog daycare provides a professionally supervised environment complete with premium care, enriching playtime and interspersed relaxation with luxury accommodations. Your dog is in good hands while you’re away with more than enough space, toys, playmates and treats for his/her enjoyment.

Far from a traditional bulk kennel, our boutique-style lodging and daycare services feature a spectrum of additional amenities that you wouldn’t find at your run-of-the-mill doggie kennel.



Paw_DogBlog_multi_1 extra comfy bedding

Extra comfy bedding

Our accommodations are spacious and secure with comfortable raised bedding for dogs of all sizes and breeds.


Spacious rooms and special toys

Spacious rooms and special toys

The Ranch features personal dens including freshly filled / stainless steel water bowls, special toys, homemade treats and soft music to lull them to sleep.


enrichment training pawderosa ranch

Enrichment training

Specified sessions have been developed to enhance the behavioral, physical, social, cognitive and psychological well being of your dog. The training plans have been tailored to address these factors and remain dynamic to ensure enrichment and improve behaviors.


grooming services pawderosa ranch

Grooming services

Do it yourself or rely on our trained dog groomers for a full service spa treatment. Either way, your pet is taken care of at our Salon and Spa. Between our state-of-the-art equipment and ability to shampoo, trim and style to your preferences, your dog will walk out looking and feeling better than ever.


group playtime pawderosa ranch

Group playtime

Dogs are inherently social and need exercise, so practicing socialization is essential to maintaining a high level of happiness and excitement. Group playtime plus restful relaxation – The Ranch incorporates a healthy dose of both.


bedtime cuddles pawderosa ranch

Bedtime cuddles and tuck in

Separation anxiety can get your dog down during your absence, so we make human contact a priority at The Ranch.


Whether you are looking for daycare or lodging, Pawderosa Ranch offers an abundance of additional amenities to create a five-star stay for your dog. Take a tour around The Ranch and see for yourself.

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