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What is Pawderosa’s Bark and Fly Pet transportation service like? Well will give you a little taste of what you could experience by trying yet another one of our convenient dog boarding services.

Wake Up

Rising early to meet the sun, you hop out of bed in the early morning anticipation of travel. There’s your little furry pal shaking his rump and looking up with playful intent. You’ve been looking forward to this mini vacation for some time now. Into the bathroom and turning the hot water handle of the shower you select the perfect temperature that slowly wakes and soothes your body. Next, you ceremoniously put on your favorite pair of jeans and shirt you laid out the night before. You can already smell the preprogrammed coffee maker doing what it does best. Letting your pooch out the back door, you prepare a simple but filling breakfast so you don’t have to brave the airport food. You can feel it, it’s gonna be a good day.


As you’re double checking your luggage and making sure the house is locked up, a much anticipated doorbell ring resonates through the morning air. Pawderosa’s Bark and Fly Pet Transportation is right on time. Leashing your little pooch, you roll your luggage out the door with coffee in hand to meet your friendly, designated driver who will be taking your to the airport and your dog to the ranch.


Your ride is filled with pleasant conversation about your destination and your plans, as well as the fun activities in store for your dog during their time at Pawderosa’s dog ranch play and stay. Before you know it you’re making your exit and turn directly in San Antonio International Airport and heading up the ramp for dropoff. This is it, you’ve worked hard for this. Petting your pooch and giving them one last treat, you say your farewell. Time for some much needed rest and relaxation!

Enjoy Your Stay

Of course it’s only day two of your vacation and you miss your most loyal companion. You’re so used to seeing how excited he is when you come home in the evening and how they always seem to know what kind of mood you’re in. Good thing you chose dog boarding at Pawderosa! Opening up your laptop you decide to check in via one of their webcams to see if you can spot your pup. In a few moments you’re live-streaming from across the country, and shortly after you see your little rascal darting across the screen, playing a game of fetch/tag with one of the trainers and the rest of his canine companions. Smiling, you know they’re in good hands.

Choose Dog Boarding at Pawderosa for Your Next Vacation
This isn’t a dream, it’s reality! If you need someone to watch your pet while you’re away on vacation and don’t want them to get depressed, Pawderosa Ranch is a great place where you can be sure your dog will be happy, get exercise, and interaction. The convenience of being dropped off and picked up directly at the airport is just another way Pawderosa does things different and better. Call us today to make your reservation!

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